"In July of 2012, I was diagnosed with a terminal lung disease called IFP (Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis). The doctors gave me 3 months to live. The disease required me to be on oxygen 24 hours per day 7 days per week. Once out of the hospital, in addition to the 24/7 oxygen, I was taking approximately 20 pills per day and weighed in excess of 200 pounds. I also had been battling high blood pressure for 30+ years.

I was referred to Dr. Deb by my daughter, then decided that I had nothing to lose and made an appointment. In doing so, I needed to travel 100 miles each way per visit. I am now very happy to say that as a result of seeing her, my Cardiovascular Surgeon, Pulmonologist and Primary Internist are questioning me as to what happened to me. I am down from 20 pills to 4 pills per day and am not on any oxygen except for at night. I have lost over 45 pounds as a result of following the program that Dr. Deb prescribed for me. I am now also able to control my blood pressure, which has never been under control, to my lowest point ever of 106/72. All the doctors had to say is "Whatever you are doing, keep it up".

I am very proud to say that Dr. Deb has made a life changing effect on me and my overall health condition and without her, I would probably not be able to write this. Obviously, I highly recommend her and the Integrated Health & Wellness Center to anyone, especially those who cannot get an answer elsewhere.

I am going to follow my doctor's orders to keep up what I have been doing, and that is to continue to make Dr. Deb and her clinic a major part of my life."

Gary R.

"When I began my appointments with Dr. Deb, I had cholesterol, blood sugar, prostate (family history) and neck pain (headaches). She suggested several supplements, exercise and dietary changes. Several months later I had a regular doctor's appointment to check my concerns and have some blood tests done. These test all came back normal or much closer to normal than they were a year earlier on the same tests."

John M.

"My background -- 16 treatments for right pointer finger and t humb, 3 cortisone shots, an RA specialist wanting to use a chemo drug $500.00/month. I refused and didn't go back. History of fibromyalgia, acid reflux, severe depression and some anxiety, low back pain, could hardly walk. I was a mess. My 1st day of coming to IHWC I met Julie. She asked me to bend from the waist, left, right, front, back, I could hardly move, asked lots of questions, etc. Then I met Dr. Deb. Oh my -- it hurt so bad but kept on plugging in there. She was my last hope. She was so kind, understanding, and had a plan. Since then I do my own flowerbeds, babysit, continue working 40+ hours a week, walk 1-2 miles a day; can eat, sleep, and I finally have a life. The only meds I'm on now for acid reflux, fast heart rate, ashma, muscle relaxer for chronic muscle spasms. There's a whole lot more I can say but don't want to ramble. Just know that we're family now. We've had funerals, babies, weddings, etc. It will be 2 years August 14th. I have never felt better."

Jerilyn T.

"Integrated Health & Wellness Center has had a positive affect on my health and quality of life. Using a data driven individualized approach, supplements have been prescribed and lifestyle changes have been recommended that continue to keep me healthy. Dr. Deb and her staff operate in an atmosphere of competence and caring that puts patients at ease."

David A.

"I am so glad I was referred to Dr. Proechel. She has been instrumental in addressing so many facets of my illness. She has been more thorough in her treatments than any other health practitioner I've ever been to. My adrenals are improving, stress levels are becoming more manageable, and my energy is finally starting to return. I thank God every day for placing her in my life!"

Kathy B.

"After being unable to function normally, no stamina, no air when exerting myself, couldn't walk up stairs, spitting up blood, no will to live, and an extremely suppressed immune system, I sought care from Dr. Proechel. Dr. Proechel has basically brought me back to life from a very low point in my life in the spring of 2012. It has been a long road back and I am still working on my immune system to strengthen it. I am so thankful that everything Dr. Deb has done for me has been natural and non-invasive, and not damaging or with side effects. The effects are all heading towards a healthier person and a healthier outlook for my future. The physical benefits have been nothing short of amazing and Dr. Proechel treats the whole person, mind, body and spirit. I appreciate that she acknowledges her gift of healing and wisdom comes from God almighty."

Janice S.

"Dr. Deb and her team are very friendly and just wonderful people. I started to go there first, then my husband and then our second daughter. I think Dr. Deb has really helped our family in staying healthy and in alignment. Dr. Deb does very good work and she is a good listener on topics about what's going on with our family and what she thinks we should do or take that could help us. We love it and will continue to go! Thank you Dr. Deb and team. I love educating my friends and family on what it's all about."

Hope K.

"I had a pink growth in the upper, inner corner of my left eye that was hanging down, when worst was halfway next to my pupil. The growth started sometime after December 2015. The opthamologist diagnosed it as a conjunctival granuloma and said it would take surgery to remove it, and it was benign. I saw him in May. When the opthamologist said my eye growth was inflammatory, I thought I can treat this naturally. I started taking UltraInflamx--a medical food, Inflavonoid Intensive Care (ginger, curcumin, boswellia, etc) and SPMs (from fish oil) all for inflammation. I also applied moist heat to my eye. Each week my eye would be better, then I'd have a worse day, yet slow progress. The night of Tuesday, June 7th, only a faint bit could be seen below my left upper eyelid, it was a darker pink. The next morning, Wednesday, June 8th, there was a dark spot in the inner corner of my left eye--the mass had dried up and came off! The pink mass under my eyelid is 90% healed! I am so amazed! What I do works!

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